Hey there!

We just purchased a brand new photo booth system for our brand, and we’d like to offer to you before we open it up to everyone else. We know there are  hundreds of photo booth options out there, but this one is actually way different - it’s stylish looking, and it doesn’t need a backdrop or props to be super fun. It's also completely wireless, opening up more freedom for placement and the ability to be used at more remote locations.

This photo booth alternative is different because it creates fun boomerang-style video GIFs, and still photographs. It’s super simple to use, and doesn’t give your guests a headache with all the options of a traditional photo booth. Once you create an image, it sends instantly via text message, and you also get your own personalized online gallery after your event. You can even customize the images with your own logo, or a few lines of text (like your event name and date).

Pretty cool, right? Right now we’re offering a special 50% off for the launch. You can get it to your event for just $750 per day - pretty awesome, right?

Just mention the booth in your questionnaire here.   

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